Capitol Hill Consulting Group is a mid-sized, Washington, DC-based, government relations firm dedicated to providing comprehensive and individually tailored strategies to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  We offer specialized lobbying services in tax, trade, financial services, appropriations, environment, energy, health care, aerospace and other sectors.

We are bipartisan, results-oriented lobbying professionals offering our clients more than 100 years of combined Washington legislative and political experience.

Capitol Hill Consulting Group provides its clients with a presence in Washington enhanced by the seasoning and experience of a professional lobbying team.  Our success is built upon a philosophy of focusing on the needs of our clients and delivering tangible results.


Having earned the respect of both parties in Congress, Capitol Hill Consulting Group can tailor a bipartisan strategy for each client.  We work as a team and begin with a collective analysis of each client's challenge while also using our individual strengths and contacts to make things happen.

Each of our lobbyists has done outstanding work, many on the Hill and in the executive branch, others in the private sector, before joining Capitol Hill Consulting Group.  This combination of experiences has led to formation of one of the most effective lobbying firms in Washington, D.C.  Our experience, combined with our contacts on Capitol Hill, the Administration and throughout official Washington, gives us wide latitude to plan and execute government relations solutions for our clients.

Our mission is simply to provide the best government relations services available in Washington, DC.  For our clients, Capitol Hill Consulting Group will broker its wealth of knowledge and relationships to effectively implement strategies designed to provide them with the solutions to their government relations problems and opportunities.